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Everyday thousands of new malicious programs are created allowing cyber criminals to launch attacks against government and commercial organizations in a variety of sectors. Vighter provides military grade enterprise managed protection services to organizations of all sizes.




Block unauthorized programs, ensure compliance with IT policies, and mitigate vulnerabilities by limiting usage to trusted applications. 

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Focus on running your business and implement an effective security posture by augmenting your operational capabilities.

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Simulate real-world cyberattacks against your network, infrastructure, and information systems to identify vulnerabilities.

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Our extensive range of courses and up-to-date content ensure your staff understand their role in the overall security strategy.

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As the cyber threat landscape evolves with escalating speed, it takes a smarter cybersecurity service to successfully protect your organization. With the right combination of cyber defense solutions and technology, you can operate more successfully in a world where everything is increasingly linked together.


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Scalable options for large and small organizations

Public-sector victims of ransomware that chose to pay forked over almost 10 times as much money on average as their private-sector counterparts over the second quarter of 2019, according to research published Tuesday by Coveware, a security firm that specializes in ransomware incidents.


Protect patient records easily and securely

Ransomware attacks are a key cybersecurity threat for all organizations, not just healthcare. According to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), ransomware is the most common type of malware. It is found in 39 percent of malware-related data breaches, double the percentage from last year’s DBIR. Ransomware accounted for over 700 cyber incidents in 2017. The DBIR discovered that ransomware accounts for 85 percent of all malware targeting the healthcare industry.


Stop malware other systems cannot detect

Ransomware is cited as a top cybersecurity concern and a top cause of security breaches in “The Cybersecurity Insight Report,” published by CDW. Because financial services firms present particularly attractive targets for cybercriminals, their IT leadership should take particular care in mitigating ransomware attacks.


Protect valuable information for students and professors

Districts and school leaders can be held liable for network breaches. Many leaders know about COPPA and FERPA, but they forget about HIPAA. School records contain health information on all IEP students, employees, and any medical needs shared with the nurse or school officials.


Works with most POS systems currently in use today

About 66% of companies in the retail/wholesale vertical that were surveyed by security technology company Radware admit to having paid ransom to a hacker within the last year, violating common wisdom about how to handle ransomware attacks, according to Radware’s 2018 Executive Application and Network Security Report.


Prevent hackers from disrupting your business

Some of the manufacturing sector’s high-profile ransomware victims include pharma giant Merck (reported losses: $870 million); American chemical maker Hexion; global automakers Nissan and Renault; American food and beverage producer Mondelez ($188 million); Taiwanese semiconductor maker TSMC ($250 million); Norsk Hydro ($52 million and counting), the Norwegian aluminum producer and manufacturer; C.E. Niehoff, an American auto-parts maker; and Hayward Tyler, the British maker of electric motors and pumps. The list goes on and on, with new victims being added daily.


Trust Lockdown™ uses five unique cyber-metric fingerprints and the file’s size to positively identify any executable or script that tries to run. Our kernel security agent intercepts the loading of all executables and scripts, and checks whether their fingerprints are authorized on your Trusted Apps list. If they are TRUSTED they’re allowed to RUN. Everything else is blocked.

Trust Lockdown™ stops the following forms of malware:

  • Ransomware

  • CryptoLocker

  • CryptoWall

  • Droppers from Websites

  • Phishing Attack type malware

  • Stuxnet type attacks against SCADA/ICS

  • Zero-Day Attacks

  • Wiper Virus attacks

  • Keyloggers

  • Internet Worm attacks

  • Watering Hole attacks

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Cybersecurity is not optional

The average cost top companies spend on a malware attack is $2.4 million. The average cost in time of a malware attack is 50 days. From 2016 to 2017 there was an 22.7 percentage increase in cybersecurity costs. Ransomware damage costs exceed $5 billion in 2017, 15 times the cost in 2015. Damage related to cybercrime is projected to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021.

Trust Lockdown  stops all forms of ransomware and malware.

Prevention is the primary goal and execution prevention is the most effective solution. A solid malware prevention and mitigation strategy for your cybersecurity plan is more important than any other strategy. Detection and incident response are very important elements, but they are secondary to prevention.

When you block all untrusted executables and scripts, you’ll block all malware. Even if a system has unpatched security holes, attackers can’t launch malware through them, and any malware already on a system won’t be able to run the instant you enable a Trust-Listing application control system.

Trust Lockdown Attack Vector Prevention

I unconditionally recommend Trust Lockdown software to protect computer systems. I  have used Trust Lockdown at Utopia Independent School District since July 2015, and am now implementing it at D’Hanis ISD where I am the IT Director.  Prior to using Trust Lockdown, our use of traditional anti-virus left us vulnerable to multiple cyberattacks and the potential for prohibitively expensive remediation.  

Sandra Sexton, IT Director

Trust Lockdown is a phenomenal solution that solved the majority of our Cybersecurity needs. It is scalable, easy to use and fit within our budgetary constraints. 

James M., IT Director



Detection and Blocking of a Ransomware Attack, a CryptoCurrency Stealer, a Backdoor (RAT) Trojan, a Banking Trojan and what exhibits the characteristics of a SHAttered Attack to regain control of the infected network.

Trust Lockdown, was successfully used by a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to identify and block a ransomware and other malware infection at a small municipality, including what appears to be an attempt by hackers to use the SHAttered Attack to evade detection

Healthcare IT

Prevention of a HIPAA Violation by an MRI Service Technician: Trust Lockdown, was successfully deployed to protect MRI systems against the installation of a File Transfer software that would have been a violation of HIPAA requirements.

“Ransomware is unique among cybercrime because in order for the attack to be successful, it requires the victim to become a willing accomplice after the fact” 
― James Scott, Sr. Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

Vighter Trust Lockdown stops 100% of ransomware and malware

“If security were all that mattered, computers would never be turned on, let alone hooked into a network with literally millions of potential intruders”
Dan Farmer


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